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Our online payroll services ensure that information is quickly and easily
accessible to you and your employees. Our comprehensive, state‐of‐the art
outsourced payroll administration services offer a fully integrated
payroll solution.

Our payroll services include:

• Pre-signed and sealed checks. We deal with the hassle of calculating and     

   producing each check before sending them to you.


• Easy-to-read, detailed reports with an unlimited custom report writer capable

   of departmental breakdowns.

• We calculate and deposit all state and federal tax liabilities, eliminating

   payroll tax headaches.


• The preparation and filing of all state and federal quarterly and year‐end returns       and reports.


• The preparation and delivery of W‐2/1099 earning statements at year-end.


• Unlimited direct deposit service for each employee.


• 401(k) reports and census downloading.


• Time off tracking.


• Online employee pay stubs.


• Instant online reports, enabling you to manage payroll information in real‐time.


• New hire reporting.

Call Us: 800.776.4671

When you outsource your payroll administration you gain many competitive advantages, including:

• Immediate access to all of the census information required to obtain employee     

  benefit quotes and to administer payroll administration programs.


• Uncomplicated coordination of employee deferrals, deductions, reimbursements,     and account status information for integrated FLEX administration.


• Continuous, up‐to‐the‐minute information for retirement plan reporting, 
   deductions, investments, and reconciliation.


• Complete IT support, hosting, and backup, making your online payroll
   experience a smooth one.


• Freedom of choice for the business owner. Time is no longer spent
   administering the non‐productive function of payroll. That time can be
   reallocated to more profitable activities.

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