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Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a comprehensive online solution that allows you to manage HR, benefits, and payroll over the Internet.

Do you need a HRMS?

If you have more than a handful of employees, the answer is most likely yes. A human resources management system can make life easier (and better) for an entire company, not just the HR department. Executives can rest easier because an HRMS can positively impact the bottom line in a number of ways, including reducing HR costs and helping manage compliance. Human Resources can focus less on administrative tasks and more on the strategic functions of HR. All employees can benefit from the easy access to information and improved communication that a HRMS can provide. By electronically automating many of the complex tasks and processes normally associated with HR,

a HRMS offers tremendous benefits.

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Key features include:

• Employee On-boarding

• Applicant Tracking

• Performance Management

• Workers' Compensation

• Time & Attendance

• Employee Self Service

•  PTO Tracking

• Online Forms & Documents

• Benefits Administration

• Manager Self Service

• Scheduling

• Payroll Integration

• An effective human resources management system can save you money, both     

   directly and indirectly. It does this in numerous ways.


• It reduces the amount of tedious administrative work that HR people have to     

  deal with, allowing them to get on with the business of managing people, not paper. 
• A comprehensive HRMS can help eliminate redundant entry by consolidating the     

  functions of separate systems into a single entity. All of your data is entered in one   

  place and all of your data can be found in one place. Updates and changes are   

  instantly available throughout your organization.


• One of the key benefits of a HRMS is in compliance. A good HR management system     automatically creates audit trails, documenting HR changes and establishing a history     in case a compliance issue rears its head.
• An online HRMS gives you easy access to your company’s data. All you need is a     

   computer with Internet access. That means getting the information you need no   

   longer means rummaging through file cabinets or having to hunt down information   

   kept in separate systems.

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