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Just a call per pay period to a PRO Resources Payroll Specialist will free your company from the time-consuming drudgery of payroll management.


• Process Payroll Checks And Direct Deposits

• Deposit Federal Withholding Tax Liabilities 
• Deposit State Withholding Tax Liabilities
• Create Journals And Summaries 
• File 941 And 940 Forms 
• File State Unemployment Tax Returns 
• File And Mail W-2’s And Filing The W-3 
• Process Garnishments For Child Support, Etc.

• Provide Detailed Payroll Reports 
• Job Costing Reports 
• Certified Payroll Reports 
• Answer Employee Inquiries 
• Eliminate IRS And State Payroll Tax Audits 
• Reduce Paperwork And Overhead 
• Respond To Employment & Wage Verifications 
• Maintain & Store Employee Records And Files


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